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The Abyss
THE ABYSS The Quotes

Captain: 60 Knots? No way Barnes. The Reds don't have anything that fast.
Barnes: Checked it twice. I mean it's a real unique signature, no cavitation, no reacting noise, doesn't even sound like screws.
Captain: What the hell is it?
Crewmember: I tell you what it's not, it's not one of ours.

Bud "Virgil" Brigman: I'm switching off now... Bye bye.
Lindsey Brigman: Oh, okay. Virgil, you wiener, you never could stand up to a fight!
Alan "Hippy" Carnes: 'Virgil'?
Bud "Virgil" Brigman: God I hate that bitch.
Alan "Hippy" Carnes: Probably shouldn't have married her then, huh?

Bud "Virgil" Brigman: Folks, listen up! We've just been told to shut down the hole and prepare to move the rig.
"Sonny" Dawson: What!?
"Jammer" Willis: Ah, shit...
Bud "Virgil" Brigman: We've received an invitation to, uh, cooperate in a matter of national security. Now you know as much as I do. Get your gear off and get to control, we got a briefing in ten minutes...

Lindsey Brigman: Explorer, this is Cab 3, starting the descent along the cable.
Some guy: Roger that, Cab 3. Good luck.
Lindsey Brigman: Luck is not a factor.

Lindsey Brigman: The bad news is: we got 8 hours in this can, blowing down. And the worse news is it's gonna take us three weeks to decompress later.
Lt. Coffey: We've all been fully briefed, Mrs. Brigman.
Lindsey Brigman: Just don't call me that, okay? I hate that.
Lt. Coffey: Alright, what would you like us to call you, "sir"?

Lindsey Brigman about the Navy SEALS: These guys are about as fun as a tax audit.

Lindsey Brigman: Hippy, your gonna give that rat a disease

Lindsey Brigman: I can't believe you're letting them do this!
Bud "Virgil" Brigman: Hi Linds... I thought you were in Houston.
Lindsey Brigman: I was. Now I'm here. Only 'here' isn't where I left it, is it Bud?
Bud "Virgil" Brigman: Wasn't up to me.
Lindsey Brigman: Jesus, we were that close to proving a submersible drilling platform could work. I cant believe you let them grab my rig!
Bud "Virgil" Brigman: Your rig!?
Lindsey Brigman: My rig. I designed the damn thing.

Bud "Virgil" Brigman: You know I can't believe you were dumb enough to come down here, now you're stuck here for the storm. That was dumb alright, real dumb.
Lindsey Brigman: I didn't come down here to fight with you.
Bud "Virgil" Brigman: Yeah? Well, then why did you come down?
Lindsey Brigman: You need me. Nobody knows the systems on this rig better than I do. Once you're disconnected from the Explorer you're on your own for however long this storm lasts. I mean what if something was to happen after the surface support took off, what would you have done?
Bud "Virgil" Brigman: Wow, you're right! Us poor dumb ol' boys might've had to think for ourselves. Could have been a disaster.

Alan "Hippy" Carnes: What is all this stuff?
Ensign Monk: Fluid breathing system, we just got them. You use it when you go really deep.
Alan "Hippy" Carnes: How deep?
Ensign Monk: Deep.
Alan "Hippy" Carnes: How deep?
Ensign Monk: ...It's classified. Anyway, you breathe liquid so you can't get compressed. The pressure doesn't get to you.
"Catfish" De Vries: You mean you got liquid in your lungs?
Ensign Monk: Oxygenated fluorocarbon emulsion.

Lindsey Brigman: Coffey, these are the missile hatches, right?
Lt. Coffey: That's right... Looks like a couple of hatches has sprock. Radiation is nominal, warheads must still be intact.
Lindsey Brigman: How many are there?
Lt. Coffey: 24 Trident missiles. Eight MIRVs per missile.
Lindsey Brigman: 192 warheads Coffey... How powerful are they?
Lt. Coffey: Your MIRV is a tactical nuke, uh... 50 kilotons nominal yield. Say, five times Hiroshima.

Lindsey Brigman: Jesus Christ... it's World War Three in a can.

Bud "Virgil" Brigman: So you didn't get anything on the cameras?
Lindsey Brigman: No, I didn't get a picture of it.
Bud "Virgil" Brigman: What about the video?
Lindsey Brigman: No, I lost power right then. Look, I just don't want to talk about it, alright?
Bud "Virgil" Brigman: Fine. Be that way.
Lindsey Brigman: Look, I don't know what I saw Bud, okay? Coffey wants to call it a Russian submersible, fine. It's a Russian submersible. No problem.

Bud "Virgil" Brigman: Come on Lindsey, talk to me.
Lindsey Brigman: Look, Jammer saw something down there, something that scared the hell out of him.
Bud "Virgil" Brigman: His mixture got screwed up. Jammer panicked. He pranged his regulator and his mixture got screwed up.
Lindsey Brigman: But what did he see that made him panic?

Lindsey Brigman: We all see what we want to see. Coffey looks and he sees Russians. He sees hate and fear. You have to look with better eyes than that.

Bud "Virgil" Brigman: This ain't no drill, slick. Make me proud.
"One Night" Standing: Piece of cake, baby!

Bud "Virgil" Brigman: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no ,no...
Lindsey Brigman: Oh, my God... Bud!
Bud "Virgil" Brigman: Grab on to something!!!

Lt. Coffey: I want around-the-clock manning of the sonar shack and the exterior cameras. If the Russian bogy comes back I don't think we should be taking a nap.
Lindsey Brigman: Gimme a break! Coffey, those things live three and a half miles down in an abyssal trench. Trust me, they're not speaking Russian.

Lt. Coffey: You people are under my authority, I ...
"Catfish" De Vries: Look podner... Look podner, we don't work for you, we don't take orders from you, and we don't much like you.

Lindsey Brigman: With all that's going on in the world, you bring a nuclear weapon in here!? Does this strike anyone as particularly psychotic, or is it just me?

Lindsey Brigman: They must've learned how to control water... I mean at a molecular level. You know they can plasticize it, polymerize it, do whatever they wanna do with it. They can put it under intelligent control.

Lindsey Brigman: You got the suit on and you're a much better swimmer than I am, right!?
Bud "Virgil" Brigman: Yeah, maybe. But...
Lindsey Brigman: Right? Yes! I got a plan.
Bud "Virgil" Brigman: What plan?
Lindsey Brigman: I drown, you tow me back to the rig...
Bud "Virgil" Brigman: No... No, No!
Lindsey Brigman: Yes. This water is only a couple of degrees above freezing. I go into deep hypothermia... My blood go like ice water My body systems will slow down, they won't stop!

[About to drown on purpose.]
Lindsey Brigman: This was maybe not such a good idea!

Bud "Virgil" Brigman: God damn it, you bitch! You never backed away from anything in your life! Now fight! [slaps Lindsay] Fight! [slaps Lindsay again] Fiiiiight!

Lt. Coffey: It went straight for the warhead, and they think it's cute!

Lt. Coffey: We don't need them. We can't trust them. We may have to take steps. We're gonna have to take steps.

Bud "Virgil" Brigman: Hippy, you think everything is a conspiracy.
Alan "Hippy" Carnes: Everything is.

Lindsey Brigman: There is something down there. Something not us.
Catfish De Vries: You could be more specific.
Lindsey Brigman: Not us. Not human, get it? Something non-human but intelligent ... A non-terrestrial intelligence.
Alan "Hippy" Carnes: A non-terrestrial intelligence? NTIs. Oh man, that's better than UFOs. Oh, but that works too, huh? "Underwater Flying Objects".

Bud "Virgil" Brigman: Linds, I want you to stay away from that guy. I mean it.
Alan "Hippy" Carnes: The guy is gone. Did you see his hands?
Lindsey Brigman: What? He got the shakes?
Bud "Virgil" Brigman: Look, he's operating on his own. He's cut off from his chain of command. He's showing signs of pressure-induced psychosis, and he's got a nuclear weapon. So as a personal favor to me, will you try to put your tongue in neutral for a while?
Alan "Hippy" Carnes: I got to tell you, I give this whole thing a sphincter-factor of about 9.5.

Lindsey Brigman: So raise your hand if you think that was a Russian water-tentacle.

Lt. Coffey: Everybody just stay calm. The situation is under control.

Lt. Coffey: Smell somethin'? Did ya ratboy?

TV-reporter: Uh, the wave... the wave is... uh, I don't know... maybe a thousand feet high already... getting bigger as I'm watching... still miles out... Oh my God...

Bud "Virgil" Brigman: You guys are doing this... you guys are doing this, right. You can control water... that's your technology. But why are you doing this?


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