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The Abyss
THE ABYSS The Sounds

Sound files were recorded at 11,025 Hz.

All WAV files are compressed using WAV Layer-3 for faster download time. Modern browsers and Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 operating systems read compressed WAV files.

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The Abyss Click here to listen
WAV File – 25 kb
  Lindsey Brigman: They must've learned how to control water... I mean at a molecular level. You know they can plasticize it, polymerize it, do whatever they wanna do with it. They can put it under intelligent control.
The Abyss Click here to listen
WAV File – 9 kb
  Lindsey Brigman: Skippy, your gonna give that rat a disease.
The Abyss Click here to listen
WAV File – 50 kb
  Lindsey Brigman: You got the suit on and you're a much better swimmer than I am, right!?
Bud "Virgil" Brigman: Yeah, maybe. But...
Lindsey Brigman: Right? Yes! I got a plan.
Bud "Virgil" Brigman: What plan?
Lindsey Brigman: I drown, you tow me back to the rig...
Bud "Virgil" Brigman: No... No, No!
Lindsey Brigman: Yes. This water is only a couple of degrees above freezing. I go into deep hypothermia... My blood go like icewater. My body systems will slow down, they won't stop!
The Abyss Click here to listen
WAV File – 79 kb
  Bud "Virgil" Brigman: You know I can't believe you were dumb enough to come down here, now you're stuck here for the storm. That was dumb alright, real dumb.
Lindsey Brigman: I didn't come down here to fight with you.
Bud "Virgil" Brigman: Yeah? Well, then why did you come down?
Lindsey Brigman: You need me. Nobody knows the systems on this rig better than I do. Once you're disconnected from the Explorer you're on your own for however long this storm lasts. I mean what if something was to happen after the surface support took off, what would you have done?
Bud "Virgil" Brigman: Wow, you're right! Us poor dumb ol' boys might've had to think for ourselves. Could have been a disaster.
The Abyss Click here to listen
WAV File – 52 kb
  Alan "Hippy" Carnes: What is all this stuff?
Ensign Monk: Fluid breathing system, we just got them. You use it when you go really deep.
Alan "Hippy" Carnes: How deep?
Ensign Monk: Deep.
Alan "Hippy" Carnes: How deep?
Ensign Monk:  ...It's classified. Anyway, you breathe liquid so you can't get compressed. The pressure doesn't get to you.
"Catfish" De Vries: You mean you got liquid in your lungs?
Ensign Monk: Oxygenated fluorocarbon emulsion.
The Abyss Click here to listen
WAV File – 26 kb
  Lt. Coffey: You people are under my authority, I...
"Catfish" De Vries: Look podner... Look podner, we don't work for you, we don't take orders from you, and we don't much like you.
The Abyss Click here to listen
WAV File – 8 kb
  Bud "Virgil" Brigman: This ain't no drill, slick. Make me proud.
"One Night" Standing: Piece of cake, baby!
The Abyss Click here to listen
WAV File – 56 kb
  Bud "Virgil" Brigman: So you didn't get anything on the cameras?
Lindsey Brigman: No, I didn't get a picture of it.
Bud "Virgil" Brigman: What about the video?
Lindsey Brigman: No, I lost power right then. Look, I just don't want to talk about it, alright?
Bud "Virgil" Brigman: Fine. Be that way.
Lindsey Brigman: Look, I don't know what I saw Bud, okay? Coffey wants to call it a Russian submersible, fine. It's a Russian submersible. No problem.
The Abyss Click here to listen
WAV File – 22 kb
  Lindsey Brigman: With all that's going on in the world, you bring a nuclear weapon in here!? Does this strike anyone as particularly psychotic, or is it just me?
The Abyss Click here to listen
WAV File – 15 kb
  Bud "Virgil" Brigman: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no ,no...
Lindsey Brigman: Oh, my God... Bud!
Bud "Virgil" Brigman: Grab on to something!!!
The Abyss Click here to listen
WAV File – 37 kb
  Bud "Virgil" Brigman: Come on Lindsey, talk to me.
Lindsey Brigman: Look, Jammer saw something down there, something that scared the hell out of him.
Bud "Virgil" Brigman: His mixture got screwed up. Jammer panicked. He pranged his regulator and his mixture got screwed up.
Lindsey Brigman: But what did he see that made him panic?
The Abyss Click here to listen
WAV File – 36 kb
  Lt. Coffey: I want around-the-clock manning of the sonar shack and the exterior cameras. If the Russian booby comes back I don't think we should be taking a nap.
Lindsey Brigman: Gimme a break! Coffey, those things live three and a half miles down in an abyssal trench. Trust me, they're not speaking Russian.
The Abyss Click here to listen
WAV File – 58 kb
  Lindsey Brigman: The bad news is: we got 8 hours in this can, blowing down. And the worse news is it's gonna take us three weeks to decompress later.
Lt. Coffey: We've all been fully briefed, Mrs. Brigman.
Lindsey Brigman:  Just don't call me that, okay? I hate that.
Lt. Coffey: Alright, what would you like us to call you, "sir"?
The Abyss Click here to listen
WAV File – 66 kb
  Lindsey Brigman: Coffey, these are the missile hatches, right?
Lt. Coffey: That's right... Looks like a couple of hatches has sprock. Radiation is nominal, warheads must still be intact.
Lindsey Brigman: How many are there?
Lt. Coffey: 24 Trident missiles. Eight MIRVs per missile.
Lindsey Brigman: 192 warheads Coffey... How powerful are they?
Lt. Coffey: Your MIRV is a tactical nuke, uh... 50 kilotons nominal yield. Say, five times Hiroshima.
The Abyss Click here to listen
WAV File – 24 kb
  TV-reporter: Uh, the wave... the wave is... uh, I don't know... maybe a thousand feet high already... getting bigger as I'm watching... still miles out... Oh my God...
The Abyss Click here to listen
WAV File – 13 kb
  Lindsey Brigman: Jesus Christ... it's World War Three in a can.
The Abyss Click here to listen
WAV File – 22 kb
  Bud "Virgil" Brigman: You guys are doing this... you guys are doing this, right. You can control water... that's your technology. But why are you doing this?
Sounds courtesy of Håkan's ABYSS page, and Twentieth Century Fox.

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