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The One
THE ONE The Quotes

Judge: The people have found you guilty of 123 counts of first-degree murder and 123 counts of unauthorized travel to parallel universes.

Judge: For these crimes, you have been sentenced to life without the possibility of return.

Gabriel Yulaw: The good news is, you're not crazy.

Gabe Law: Before I saw him, I felt him.

Gabe Law: It was me!

Funsch: Each time he kills one of you the energy divides among the survivors.

T.K. Law: Maybe it's part of what's been going on with you.

T.K. Law: People get older, Gabe, they don't get stronger, they don't get faster all of a sudden.

Harry Roedecker: If we kill him, this whole universe could go with him.

[showing his gun]
Funsch: My own design.

Funsch: Yeah, that will work too.


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