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The Thirteenth Floor

The Thirteenth Floor   Plot: Scientists create a lifelike computer-simulated world where avatars believe they are truly human, oblivious to any real existence outside of their realm...

Figures: Germany / USA. 1999. 100 minutes. English. CFI Color. Rated R.

You can go there even though it doesn't exist.

 Production team:  
Directed by: Josef Rusnak  
Written by: Ravel Centeno-Rodriguez
Daniel F. Galouye
Josef Rusnak
Original music by: Harald Kloser
Thomas Wanker
Produced by: Centropolis Film Productions  
Distributed by: Columbia TriStar Pictures  
The Thirteenth Floor - The DVD
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Craig Bierko  -->  Douglas Hall / John Ferguson / David
Gretchen Mol  -->  Jane Fuller / Natasha Molinaro
Armin Mueller-Stahl  -->  Hannon Fuller / Grierson
Vincent D'Onofrio  -->  Whitney / Ashton
Dennis Haysbert  -->  Detective Larry McBain

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IvanWelt am Draht (1973) (TV) - The First version of the Novel that inspired 13th Floor
I think it was at least influenced by it, also I think Whackowski brothers most definately saw...
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IvanOriginal Movie Poster
[QUOTE=Opt imus Prime]So, the wannabe Matrix LOL [/QUOTE] This statement is wrong. It is not...
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wearMassively overrated...
The 13th floor is a far more intelligan t version of the Matrix. The Matrix was good, but its still...
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