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The Time Machine

George Wells: When I speak of time, I'm speaking of the fourth dimension.

Filby: If that machine can do what you say it can do, destroy it, George! Destroy it before it destroys you!

George Wells: It's a time machine...
Dr. Philip Hillyer: Ok George, now you've had your little joke. Now suppose you tell us what this contraption is really for.
George Wells: I've already told you doctor! The larger model can be used to carry a passenger on a journey trough time. Not through space mind you, but through time.
Anthony Bridewell: I say George you're gonna start floating about in the future. Aren't you gonna rather mess things up for the rest of us?
Dr. Philip Hillyer: Well, the future is already there! It's irrevocable and cannot be changed.
George Wells: I wonder... Now that's the most important question to which I hope to find an answer: Can Man control his destiny, can he change the shape of things to come?
Dr. Philip Hillyer: Look here George, if you've gone out of your head I forgive you. But if you made us waste all this time listening to talks about...
George Wells: No no no no no Doctor, your ear witnesses, to see not to listen.
Dr. Philip Hillyer: To see... What?

Dr. Philip Hillyer: I'll be damned!
George Wells: It worked.
Anthony Bridewell: Where did it go?
George Wells: Go? Nowhere in the usual sense, it's still here... but... but... but it's no longer in the present! You realize? It's traveling through time? To the future to be exact.
Dr. Philip Hillyer: Do you really expect us to believe such a story?
George Wells: Well you just... certainly!
Dr. Philip Hillyer: But you yourself just said that it hadn't really move!
George Wells: That's correct.
Dr. Philip Hillyer: Well then why can't we see it?
George Wells: Because we're in this room on 31 of December 1899, but the model we just saw is perhaps a... a hundred years away by now. This... this room, even this whole house may not be here in a hundred year! But the time machine occupier the same... the same space that it did a moment before it went off on its journey.
Dr. Philip Hillyer: Well, if it's occupying the same space... well, why can't I feel it?!?
George Wells: You must remember that the space you're putting your hand through is today's space. You can't put your hand in the space of tomorrow.
Dr. Philip Hillyer: Ooh, the space is space, it doesn't change! The same space that's here now should be here in a hundred or even a thousand years...
George Wells: NO Philip! Time changes space!

George Wells: Perhaps curiosity has died, perhaps even courtesy has died, but I have come a long way and I would like to know a few things.
Eloi Man: Why?
George Wells: Well, because I should return to my time and... and my people will ask me questions. Well, such as "What kind of government rules your world?"
Eloi Man: We have no government.
George Wells::: Well, you must have a body of men who pass and enforce laws.
Eloi Man: Laws? There are no laws.
George Wells: Where do you get your food and clothing?
[Eloi Man shrugs]
George Wells: Doesn't anybody work?
Eloi Man: No.
George Wells: Well, where does all that comes from?
Eloi Man: It grows, it always grows.

Weena: Why did you...
George Wells: Why did I what?
Weena: ...come after me?
George Wells: Sit down... I did it to save your life! That doesn't seem to mean much to you or anybody else around here.
Weena: It doesn't.
George Wells: Do you realize that there were about 20 of your friends watching you drown? Not one of them so much as lifted a finger to save you. It's a very curious attitude. [Sigh] Very curious world!

George Wells: Yes they do tell me all about you. [George Wells hits the books and they all turn into dust.] What have you done? THOUSANDS of years of building and rebuilding, creating and recreating so that you can let it crumble to dust! A million years, the sensitive men dying for their dreams, for WHAT? So you can... swim, and... dance and... PLAY!?

Ring's voice: The war between the East and West which is now in its 326th year has at last come to an end. There is nothing left to fight with and few of us left to fight. The atmosphere has become so polluted with deadly germs that it can no longer be breathed. There is no place on this planet that it immune. The last surviving factory for the manufacture of oxygen has been destroyed. Stockpiles are rapidly diminishing, and when they are gone we must die.


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