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THX 1138
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THX 1138 The Quick Guide

THX 1138   Plot: In a futuristic dystopia, THX 1138 and fellow human drones attempt to escape a computer-run, dehumanizing world where sex is outlawed and everyone is kept under control with drugs...

Figures: USA. 1970. 95 minutes. English. Technicolor. Rated PG.

Visit the future where love is the ultimate crime.

 Production team:  
Directed by: George Lucas  
Written by: Ben Bova
George Lucas
Walter Murch
Original music by: Lalo Schifrin  
Produced by: Warner Bros.
Zoetrope Studios
Distributed by: Warner Bros.  
THX 1138 - The VIDEO
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Robert Duvall  -->  THX 1138
Maggie McOmie  -->  LUH 3417
Don Pedro Colley  -->  SRT
Donald Pleasence  -->  SEN 5241
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ClangadorA truly Groundbreaking Movie! Ahead of it's time!
I'm not sure George Lucas would allow it to be remade. Also, I recently saw the movie and it's still...
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[QUOTE=Unr egistered] The one thing this film is not is groundbrea king. THX 1138 is a fairly ave...
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THXthe classic
[QUOTE=Unr egistered] This film sucked - it blew chunks - showed promise towards a promising futur...
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