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THX 1138
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THX 1138 The Facts

The source of the title "THX-1138" is the mnemonic form of George Lucas's phone number in San Francisco when he was a student.

George Lucas claims that the scene where technicians mess with THX's nervous system, sending him into comical spasms, was drawn from his antipathy towards the doctors who treated him after his near-fatal car crash as a youth.

The underground chase near the end was shot in a not-yet-completed segment of the BART subway system in San Francisco.

The music playing during the end credits is the first movement from J.S. Bach's St. Matthew Passion, BWV 244.

Shortly after THX-1138 steals a police car, and shortly before his fellow escapee crashes the one he tries to steal, you can hear someone on the radio say, "I think I ran over a wookie back there on the expressway."

A scene in which THX 1138 falls into a garbage compactor and fends off a mutated rodent was cut because the monster did not look realistic. This situation was later reused in Star Wars (1977).

The film was originally a winner of an amateur film competition in 1967 organized by Warner Brothers. George Lucas won the chance to be a trainee. The 1970 version was a reshoot: George Lucas was assigned to shoot the film all over again as a feature film.

Credits roll up instead of down, and are at the beginning of the movie.

In the original release the movie includes a one-minute clip from Things to Come (1936) before the opening credits. When re-released in the 1990's this clip was replaced by a clip from Buck Rogers.

Facts courtesy of Internet Movie Database and Warner Bros.


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