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WATERWORLD The SciFlicks Guide

Waterworld   Plot: Traveler helps a woman and a girl seek land in a futuristic sea covered Earth...

Figures: USA. 1995. 136 minutes. English. DeLuxe Color. Rated PG-13.

Beyond the horizon lies the secret to a new beginning.

 Production team:  
Directed by: Kevin Costner
Kevin Reynolds
Written by: Peter Rader
David N. Twohy
Original music by: James Newton Howard
Mark Isham
Produced by: Davis Entertainment
Gordon Company
Licht/Mueller Film Corporation
Universal Pictures
Distributed by: Universal Pictures  
Waterworld - The DVD
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Kevin Costner  -->  Mariner
Dennis Hopper  -->  Deacon
Jeanne Tripplehorn  -->  Helen
Michael Jeter  -->  Gregor
Tina Majorino  -->  Enola

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SF_not_Sci-FiAnyone thinks it's the Dune of the 90's?
[QUOTE=Hig hWiredSith ]group of relatively innocent commoners fighting against leather clad, gas...
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Optimus Prime200.000.000 @#$!ing dollars?
I personally enjoyed the film, and as for expense. I pretty sure that [B]Avatar[ /B] takes the al...
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merlinA certain song in Waterworld?
Duane Eddy did the tune. Heres a version he did a few years ago with The Art Of Noise. [url]h...
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