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What Planet Are You From?

Graydon: Your training will be extensive.

Computer: Show your interest in the female when she speaks by repeating the phrase "Han han".
Female CGI: I went to the store this morning...
Alien crowd: Han han.

Graydon: The success of our plan to domination of the universe rests in your hands

Harold Anderson: Hi there!
Woman in plane: Hi...
Harold Anderson: You're shaking.
Woman in plane: I thought we were gonna crash.
Harold Anderson: I like it when a woman shakes, it turns me on.
Woman in plane: What?

[Humming sound]
Helen Gordon: You're making a noise.
Harold Anderson: It hums.
Helen Gordon: I guess it doesn't know... I could teach it a few.

Roland Jones: It makes a noise like that water heater we had in that shelter near Valley. I'm not making this up Nadine!

Harold Anderson: I want to have a child.
Susan Hart: I've never heard a man say that.

Graydon: Marry her!

Harold Anderson: Susan... what is your last name?
Susan Hart: Hum... Hart.
Harold Anderson: Susan Hart, would you do me the honor of marrying me?

Perry Gordon: What kind of guy marries a chick after one date? Didn't you see the Crying Game?

Roland Jones: I'm tracking an alien. He's here to have sex with our women!

Nadine Jones: Aliens having sex with people? How does that make me feel?

Harold Anderson: Well, you know, there's a lot of aliens I hear they... perform those anal probes. How primitive is that technology?

Harold Anderson: Yeah... go ahead and rest.


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